Thursday, May 27, 2010

This has been along time waiting to post

I have wanted to announce this winning for along time, but I have been so behind on my postings ,and in and out of bed for the last few months. I want to take the time to tell my friends and family that I won 100.00 and show off what I got with my winnings. I had Won a Hugh prize at the end of the year. I won 100.00 from Shabby Cottage Shops. Yes, you read it right 100.00 dollars to spend anyway I wanted in any of their Stores.
I had so much fun browsing through their stores.... We saw so many things we wanted to get. We spent the money 10 times in our head. Hanna and I looked for two months through all the shops and just couldn't decide what we should get with our winnings. We knew we only had one chance to make this big decision. We talked about getting many different things and finally came up with two things. A phone or gumball machine. We wanted something in her bedroom that she could have for years to come and that wouldn't be out dated no matter what age she is. Also, something I would enjoy of course.
We picked out our prize and dreamed about it for a couple weeks until it was made Especially for us. Its the most gorgeous french phone anyone I know has. We fill so spoiled. Hanna loves talking on it and we sit and stare at it all the time. It puts a smile on our face each time we look at it. The pictures above do not do it justice. If you go to Jill's site " Rose Cottage Chic you can see all of the things she makes with these pretty roses on them and many more items as well..
Hanna and I want to Thank Deb for drawing our name and Jill for the prettiest phone we have ever seen . Jill even surprised us with a round hanging wooden name plate with pearls all around it. Now nothing can get better than that surprise. Hanna just beamed when she saw her name was tied on there with a pink ribbon. Thank you girls at Shabby Cottage Shops for making us smile.

Kath' and Hanna

Winner of my Blog contest

Hanna had her hand at it once again, and drew the Winner of the comfort goodies. She wiggled her hand around in the hat and pulled out... Drum Roll Please..

Celestina Marie Designs Boutique, on Make Mine Pink She is a new member to Make Mine Pink so lets make her feel Welcome and go visit her store and blog. Celestina your comfort box is on its way. Hanna and I want to be the first ones to say Congrat's on winning.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Winner of contest

Hanna will be coming here tonight and we will be entering all the names from the last 2 weeks into a hat and drawing out a winners name.

I wonder if it'll be you ??????????????

Updated blog later today as well.

Have a WONDERFUL week everyone...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers are renowned for giving advice--because they care so much about our welfare. I went on a site that was asking there members for the most memorable advice they received from their moms, whether or not they followed it. I read their sampling of mothers' pearls of wisdom.
So, I thought I would ask each of you what advice did or has your mother ever given or gave you. I thought we could enjoy a little in each others life's today.
My mom has always taught me
.... Let go and let God (my most treasured advice).
.... What goes around comes around (I wholeheartedly believe this).
.... Treat others as you would be treated....This one is priceless.
Here is a few that they wrote down too.
1. "No, that wooden board would not make a good slide!" I did anyway and got a buttfull of splinters! The laughter hurt worse than the splinters.

2. My mom always said: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. I try to follow it, but I shamefully don't all the time.

3. You get what you pay for. You can never own enough fine jewelry, and that there are buttheads everywhere !!!

4. When cooking, always place handle of pot towards the back away from flames.
5. Talk to children at their level, not down to them.
6. Not to stick your finger in the socket, and to always wear clean underwear.