Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Sisters Sorority Fun !!!!!!

Make sure you girls all enter my contest below. Fun summer stuff and a surprise will be added in the box.
I waited way to long to start my project for this fun party. I had all these ideas in my head on what I was going to do on top of one of my pretty boxes , that I store my project things in.
When it came down to the dead line for this project to get done I wasn't able to find my beautiful white ruffled ribbon and my rhinestone's that I bought to put around the picture.
This is what I was able to get done. Its nice , but nothing like I had visioned this box it be.
I wanted to get this on here today to meet the deadline. I will get more added to this on the weekend to give it that WOW affect I wanted.
I did find a Plush Large Velvet Rose to put on the box, and also put the corners down with the black corner pieces to give it the frame look. I also found the prettiest long cross necklace with lots of colored stones. The colors are so pretty. I am not sure that its showing you how bright the colors are and how gorgeous this cross necklace is. I couldn't get a picture of me holding it , so I did put a picture of me in this post so you all could see what I look like.
Thanks for coming by my blog. I will visit all blogs to see what you all made. I will be ready and look forward to the next fun project with my Sisters.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time for a summer giveaway !!!!

I am so amped for summer to be here and the energy that the sun gives me. Why does summer things excite me so ? I get so much more accomplished when the sun is shining.

I thought it was time for a giveaway once again. I have a few bright summer fun things to give away. These will surely brighten up your table to start your summer fun off on a good note.

1. two bowls to put your dips or olives etc. in
2. one flower plate to have your cheese slices on
3. a three slotted divided dish for your crackers
4. two tea towels for your kitchen
5. and some extra surprises will be in the box as well

If your not a follower yet click on the side bar and join in on all the fun that will be going on here this summer. Just leave a comment on here and let me know what is one or more things you are excited to do now that summers here. Or tell me what your favorite thing you love to do when the suns out.
Have a fun week.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This weekends shopping spree

Elissa and I went looking through the antique stores in downtown Snohomish this last Saturday. We never make it through all of them but always have fun looking through them at things we wish we had, or things we would never own if our life's depended on it.

I think my biggest find that day was actually at the garage sale on the way there. We drove by this garage sale and I thought I saw a Victorian lady or something. I wasn't sure but in my mind it was big and old. So we turned around and this is what was there. A lovely picture of a girl and her cat. She says it was her moms or grandma's she doesn't remember . But , I bought it up and am going to take it in the antique store I have my things in and resale it. It's quite big and I haven't any room for it , but thought if I took it there at least I could see it on the wall until or if it sales.

The two brides I found in a antique shop. Elissa loves the small one, and I do too. But, I had to get the other one because she was so irresistible. I couldn't decided which one I loved the most. The little one is a bell .. Which one of the 2 brides is your favorite ??

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 year old nephew's Birthday Party

This day couldn't of turned out better for my nephew's Party. He was so Happy at each present he opened. No matter if it was shoes or trucks.
He had so much fun with the balloon balls. The cake was delicious and it was so hot out. When you don't have rain at an outdoor function around here, everyone's HAPPY.
We start the day off with a picture of my granddaughter Hanna, then is my sister Jan holding my niece Ari , My niece Melissa with my Mom, my sister Sandi with her step-son, and my niece Jamie, then we have the Birthday boy Issac. My other nephew Caiden in the striped shirt fell on the deck that day and almost split his head wide open. It was a bad hit, but he only got a bump. The things kids can take is so amazing. If it was one of us we would of been in the ambulance. LOL