Sunday, March 28, 2010

New things at my store

I have been so busy today I almost forgot to do a blog post again. I don't want to start missing days.

I had one all in mind to do tonight which was all of the little kids in the family got together today and dyed eggs together for Easter. I was told I didn't need to send my camera, that others had one. But lo and behold I was just told that no one came with a camera. The little kids get together in the family and go to my sisters and dye eggs together. Kids and no camera I said. lol

So I will talk about my new creations. I was hoping I had all week long to get more made so I can show you all the colors I have planned for these. But will go ahead and show them to you tonight and will share the others on a later date.

I make cupcake pin cushions as you all know, and now I make cake pin cushions. This week I only have 3 made as more are on there way. These are Double layer cake pin cushions. I will be making them in many colors as we all have different taste/favorite colors. I will be making triple layer cakes also.

These were so fun for me to make. They are also so practical to use. You take the top layer off and it has a magnet under it to pick up all your spills of pins. I have now made it easy for you to clean up. These could be used for any age group, as it would put a smile on any ones face to get a cake of their own.

I also will be wrapping them in pink Tulle and tied with a bow if you'd like. Leave that in the comment area when sending me your order. Wish I had lots more to show you girls. I apologize that I wasn't ready to do this blog. Here is the ones I have done at the moment.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Do you feel you lost an hour ??

What would you do if you had the hour back that we lost this morning ? What do you feel you would use that time on ? Another hour of sleep, watching a movie, cleaning the house, making a project, working on your blog ?? What could you do in an hour ????

The story on Spring it forward..
The phrase "Spring forward, Fall back" helps people remember how Daylight Saving Time affects their clocks. At 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March, we set our clocks forward one hour ahead of Standard Time ("Spring forward"). We "Fall back" at 2 a.m. on the first Sunday in November by setting our clock back one hour and thus returning to Standard Time.
The change to Daylight Saving Time allows us to use less energy in lighting our homes by taking advantage of the longer and later daylight hours. During the eight-month period of Daylight Saving Time, the names of time in each of the time zones in the U.S. (map) change as well. Eastern Standard Time (EST) becomes Eastern Daylight Time, Central Standard Time (CST) becomes Central Daylight Time (CDT), Mountain Standard Time (MST) becomes Mountain Daylight Time (MDT), Pacific Standard Time becomes Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), and so forth.
Daylight Saving Time was instituted in the United States during World War I in order to save energy for war production by taking advantage of the later hours of daylight between April and October. During World War II the federal government again required the states to observe the time change. Between the wars and after World War II, states and communities chose whether or not to observe Daylight Saving Time. In 1966, Congress passed the Uniform Time Act, which standardized the length of Daylight Saving Time.
Daylight Saving Time is four weeks longer since 2007 due to the passage of the Energy Policy Act in 2005. The Act extended Daylight Saving Time by four weeks from the second Sunday of March to the first Sunday of November, with the hope that it would save 10,000 barrels of oil each day through reduced use of power by businesses during daylight hours. Unfortunately, it is exceedingly difficult to determine energy savings from Daylight Saving Time and based on a variety of factors, it is possible that little or no energy is saved by Daylight Saving Time.
Arizona (except some Indian Reservations), Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa have chosen not to observe Daylight Saving Time. This choice does make sense for the areas closer to the equator because the days are more consistent in length throughout the year.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Easter Parties

Easter is coming up fast. We all know Easter is usually for the kids. Its time to get out the dye and put them in lots of cups around the table to dye tons of eggs that we are going to have to eat for days and days it seems like.

The kids can be so creative. They seem to come up with the neatest colors as they dip the eggs and redip the eggs into their favorite colors. They get the wax crayon and draw lines around the egg or put polka dots all over them. They might choose to put a smiley face on one or two.

Its so much fun to watch their eyes light up when they are hunting around the house to find the basket that the Easter Bunny has hidden just for them , full of candy jelly beans, colored eggs, malted chocolate, and Reese's peanut butter cups.

What is your favorite Easter candy ? What is your favorite Easter memory ? Is it going to a large park and hunting for the pennies in the hay. I remember I almost won a bike when I was smaller and was so excited. If I would of only found the golden egg before the other kid it would of been mine !!!!!!

My mom use to put salt in trails for me and my sisters to follow to lead us to our basket. Which was Hugh and wrapped in different colored cello paper. I need some new ideas to do for Hanna so I can start some new traditions.. Let me know what things you did , or still do to have fun at Easter time.