Sunday, March 7, 2010

Easter Parties

Easter is coming up fast. We all know Easter is usually for the kids. Its time to get out the dye and put them in lots of cups around the table to dye tons of eggs that we are going to have to eat for days and days it seems like.

The kids can be so creative. They seem to come up with the neatest colors as they dip the eggs and redip the eggs into their favorite colors. They get the wax crayon and draw lines around the egg or put polka dots all over them. They might choose to put a smiley face on one or two.

Its so much fun to watch their eyes light up when they are hunting around the house to find the basket that the Easter Bunny has hidden just for them , full of candy jelly beans, colored eggs, malted chocolate, and Reese's peanut butter cups.

What is your favorite Easter candy ? What is your favorite Easter memory ? Is it going to a large park and hunting for the pennies in the hay. I remember I almost won a bike when I was smaller and was so excited. If I would of only found the golden egg before the other kid it would of been mine !!!!!!

My mom use to put salt in trails for me and my sisters to follow to lead us to our basket. Which was Hugh and wrapped in different colored cello paper. I need some new ideas to do for Hanna so I can start some new traditions.. Let me know what things you did , or still do to have fun at Easter time.


  1. Kath, we do Easter baskets although we all get a new lightweight spring jacket along with some candy and eggs filled with mini, cars, snakes, bugs, ect. We dye eggs the night before this year I found a cool egg dye shaker where you put in your eggs shake and they come out dyed in a variation of colors (not sure it will work so I will have the food dye coloring ready as a backup. We always have Easter dinner here at my house. We also go to a couple of nursing homes the Saturday before Easter and drop off small baskets with a few goodies for our seniors that so not have a family to visit them.
    I am sorry although I will have to pass on your Easter exchange mine will go to the nursing homes
    hugs sassy gail of

  2. Gail

    Thank u for the Easter ideas. Your Easter box to the seniors sounds wonderful. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Kath'

  3. Love Easter, we have hot cross buns for breakfast on Good Friday and used to have Easter Egg hunts on the Sunday after Mass, following a piece of coloured string attached to an egg at the end.

  4. We always have an Easter egg hunt for the grandchildren. I use the two-piece plastic eggs and put in coins or a small trinket due to one of the grands being diabetic. The Easter bunny brings enough candy, I don't want to add to it! We do the hunt outside, weather permitting. They get a kick out of me slipping an egg or two under the chickens.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  5. Kath

    I can remember lots of candy and stories about the Easter Bunny. It was always so much fun to wake up and see all that candy.


  6. Kath,

    I used to have so much fun at Easter with the grandkids when we lived closer. I would make each of them a basket and fill it with all kinds of crafting supplies, candy and stuffed animals. They are getting to the age now that it doesn't have the excitement it did. Such a shame! I love Easter with all the pastel colors. I try to make an Easter tree each year but don't know if time will allow this year.


  7. Kath, As a child, we (my five brothers and I) went to church and then out to Easter Brunch. We didn't get baskets. We got a new outfit for church services. So what do you think I did as adult with Easter for my family? Of course... the whole nine sugary yards!
    Hugs, Tedi

  8. We gave our kids (who are now 34 & 38) a chocolate bunny in a pretty basket with all the colored eggs. My Hubbie got Jelly Beans as that is what he loves. Now for my grandkids I hide the plastic eggs all over the house for them. Then they do the same for each other. Sometimes I find them in strange places the following Christmas. Church is the biggest & best part of our Easter Sunday!
    Mary Patterson
    Mary's Cottage Treasures

  9. Hi Kath,,, I have to say, my very favorite food group is the chocolate Easter Bunny! In fact I just had one. lol I remember we got the pretty ruffly easter dresses and new shoes. I was such a girly girl. My Grandparents always gave us a stuffed bunny and we had great picnics at the park. Thanks for reminding me of the great memories. (()) gail