Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is a trip I took on Saturday with Elissa to meet up with Sassy Gail and her daughter Jen. It was so pretty out and the perfect day to go through the Pike Place Market. It's a place where tons of vendors come and sale their products of fresh food, flowers seafood and meats, jams, and all handmade things. This was a carriage that gives people rides around or back to their car.
This was a young man who was singing and playing his guitar. You see that a lot here. On each block there is someone singing or playing some instrument. He seemed so nice. I snapped his picture and told him he was going to be on my blog. He was so happy... I bought a CD from him for only five bucks. His name is Andre Lovett.

This was a gal who was trying on these hats this woman was selling for 50 bucks. I thought that was a lot of money, but I see lots of kids wearing them. They are very popular. I told her she was going to be on my blog also and then she started posing. hee hee

This shot was not taken well on the Veggies , but loved how they lined them up. It made them so colorful.

This place is well known for the seafood. This was the crab legs. Can you believe it ? You would only have to buy one for two people for dinner. You might still end up with left overs.

This was some cooked shrimp they had there. It looked so yummo. I wanted to bite into them right then and there.

This was some Hugh frozen shrimp and scampi's. Aren't they HUGH ? I couldn't believe it. They throw fish in the air when someone buys one. Lots and lots of people stand around just to watch. It very well known.

This was my favorite thing. These Hugh Lobsters. I wanted to buy one so bad to bring home and surprise Dean for our dinner. I know he has probably seen them this big, but we have never gotten one. I knew I had so many things I was looking at to buy. So I passed them up.. lol

This lady made all colors of pigs. I thought they looked neat all in a row the way she had them laid out.

We all stopped and ate a restaurant named Cutters right on the water. My friend Elissa always wants to go there when we are in that area. We all had something different and each meal was gorgeous when it came to us the way they looked. Each meal was delicious also. I had Seafood Chowder and some delicious bread. Elissa had fish and chips with a coleslaw. Sassy had a grilled piece of chicken with a wonderful Beet salad with different colored beets and raspberries in it also. This picture is our Waiter waiting on the table by us.

This is to show you all the big buildings in Seattle. This was across the street from our restaurant.

This was right at one of the entrances of the Pike Place. I hope you can see the sign. We had a blast here. It was the second time Sassy Gail and I have met. It was so neat to meet at a place like this so we had most of the day to browse through it. We only got to see all of the upper deck area things. The time just flew by. Elissa and I are going there again to go look through all the antique stores down below. I hope I can meet Sassy again on that trip. I hope you enjoyed the stroll of Pike Place Market.
Also the winner from last weeks blog is Shabby Shan. I will get a hold of you for your address. I hope you all had fun.


  1. Hi Kath,, it looks like you had a great day and so much fun! Thanks for sharing the photos. I love Seattle. I have only been once, and would love to go back one of these days :)
    Have a good week and happy creating, ()))gail

  2. Kath

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time! I loved all the pictures you shared.

    I love lobster tails too!


  3. Kath,
    I am so excited to have won your giveaway! Thank you so much! I enjoyed seeing your pictures of Pikes Market. We were there a couple of years ago on vacation. It is really something to see!


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  5. GREAT pictures!! Sounds like a fun day!!