Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Prize added to the contest/ Pillow below is with this contest as well.

This is still the October contest. Here is what to do..
1. Leave a comment about why you enjoy blogging and something fun you have learnt along the way. Have you found an awesome recipe on a blog, you can send us to ? Is there a fun swap going on now ? Is there something that you want us to check out on your blog, or a friends blog ? Do you have a contest you want to mention ? What are you doing for Halloween ? Going to a Party or staying home watching how cute all the kids look that come to the door ?
I am having fun meeting new friends and learning where they are from, so for a second chance to win, Copy and Paste my " Grab my button" and put it on your blog and let your friends know to come join the fun, so I can put your name in the hat for a 2nd time.
I will be adding a prize each week to this contest so keep checking back and see what goodies have been added for the week. This is prize 2 and the pillow below is prize 1.
Here is a lovely Satin box of cards with embroidered flowers on the front, for you to keep handy or give as a gift to someone Special. I always love having cards handy for the times when an occasion comes up and you had forgotten or don't have the time to go to the store and pick up one in time.
This box is full of 30 Deluxe cards for all occasions with a Limited Edition Keepsake Box. You will receive ten different styles and there is 3 of each one of them. There is Birthday, Congratulations, Wedding, Get Well, Thank you , Sympathy, Thinking of You, and Blank ones as well.
They are all different flowers so there are lots to choose from. I hope you enjoy the added prize for this contest.


  1. That is so beautiful and such a great idea. I am always needing a card at last minute and find myself rushing out to get something quick. It usually ends up being a card that I just had to settle with not one I actually like.

  2. Hi! I have enjoyed reading your posts. The items you showed are very pretty. Go to sillshill.blogspot and there is a Christmas swap that Linda is having. You can link from my page on the sidebar that says Christmas. You make little ornaments out of matchboxes and put in there a little gift. She has directions to it. I have enjoyed reading blogs since I started blogging this year. It is so much fun. I enjoyed learning how to make the web page through blogger. I could go on and on but I will take up alot of space. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!

  3. That is awesome! I put your button on my sidebar during the last post and I'm already a follower too.

    I love so much about blogging and you asked so many great questions above I don't know which one to answer! How about, What are you doing for Halloween? My husband and I will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. Since we had our first date at a haunted house and spent our honeymoon at Unviversal Studio's in Florida for their Fright Fest, we'll be spending this year at California's Universal Studio's for their haunted affair! I love fall so much!

    Thanks for hosting!