Monday, July 5, 2010

New blog coning soon

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July with your family and friends. We had 50 people come over and had a HUGH BBQ. There was so much to eat. We had crab cocktails , hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, sweet cornbread with honey butter, that I was shown how to make when I went to Florida one year, mac. salad, potato salad, strawberry shortcake and I could go

I hope you all can be patient with me the next few weeks. I am having a new blog made and I am also getting a new web page. This has been in the making for awhile and am finally going to have a new look. I love my web page that I have now and my blog but I get really bored staring at the same thing day in and day out. Am I the only one that feels this way? I use to sale on EBAY and you can buy templates to change the look for each item you sold. I had many of them. There are so many cute ones out there not to own a bunch of them.

I wanted to announce the winner of the summer fun dishes and towel set. The winner that Hanna drew out of the hat is................. Cortney Lyon send me your address and I will get these send out to you, with an added surprise.

If you love Coffee, gardening, and jewelry then you need to watch for the upcoming blog contest. Make sure you check back and shop here and at for the Fun Shop Hop coming soon to a computer near you.. lol


  1. Cant wait to see your new web and blog design!

    Sounds like you all had a great time yesterday.

    Have a great week.

  2. Kath,
    What a lovely get-together you hosted for the 4th - I hope it didn't wear you out! You must be excited about your new website & blog. I agree, I am bored with mine, too, sometimes.
    Get some rest.
    Mary P

  3. Hi Kath, it sounds like a wonderful 4th party! Cant wait to see your new blog and site.
    Have a great week, gail

  4. What a feast Kath, pleased it went well.

    I agree a change is as good as a rest, changed my web and blog recently, sometimes I find change inspires more creativity.

    Have a good week

  5. Kath,

    Sounds like you had a great time at your get together. That's a lot of people to host a party for. Lots of work!

    Looking forward to seeing your new look.

    Olivia Paige

  6. Hey Kath, I can't wait to see your new blog! I know what you mean, I love my webstie but I was thinking about a re-do! You can be sure I'll be at the MMP shop hop! Have a great week!


  7. 在你一無所有的時候 是誰在陪伴你 他便是你最重要的人............................................................

  8. 厚 !!!等了好久的更新~~一定要支持的啦(ΘωΘ)......................................................

  9. A new blog, wow, you are a busy girl!!! I love that you love pink!
    We will have to show each other all our pink fav's one day!!
    Margaret B